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New kid on the block

New kid on the block

EUTRACO A new player entered the logistical pitch at the Kluizendok early this year when EUTRACO started operations in a first warehouse of 25,000m². Six months later, the logistics services provider has decided to speed up the building of the two other units of its 75,000m² warehousing complex to have them ready by the end of the year.

It is a further proof of the ambition of the self-declared ‘logistic challenger’. EUTRACO is a company on the move. In just a few years’ time its main focus has entirely shifted from road haulage to integrated, value-added logistics. “Logistics is now at the core of everything we do, including our investment agenda and product portfolio, even if we remain active in transport and freight forwarding, and recently added customs clearance as a fourth pillar.

The perfect deal for us is when we combine these four into an integrated package for our customers”, says Serge Gregoir, the company’s CEO.

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