All possibilities for tailor-made storage solutions

Five distribution centres

With five strategic distribution centres in Belgium and France, Eutraco offers all kinds of possibilities for tailor-made warehousing solutions.

Thanks to an advanced warehousing management software (WMS), efficiency and speed are always at the centre of our concerns.

Benefit from a seamless supply chain through our automated processes and value-added logistics.

Customized storage

Save on inventory costs and choose manageable inventory with just-in-time management, computer-controlled inventory management and flexible storage.

We receive and manage the goods according to your wishes by all possible means.

From order picking to quality control.

Our strengths

  • Strategic warehouses
  • Optimal coordination with WMS
  • Automated inventory management
  • Integrated logistics solutions
  • Computer-controlled order picking and kit assembly

Storage and handling

Inventory management

At any time a glance at your stock. Thanks to the automated inventory management system, you always know what you have in stock, how much stock there is and where it is stored. In combination with integrated logistics solutions, you are assured of the best possible coordination of your goods and an economical inventory.


Customized warehouses for all types of goods. From the location of shelves and bins to storage in the shelves. The cycle counting software guarantees an accurate view of the existing stock. Also in combination with your own software system.


Process orders daily in the format and according to the schedule of your choice. Regardless of the principle chosen, ‘First Expired, First Out’ (FEFO), ‘Last In, First Out’ (LIFO) or ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO): each order is closely monitored. Includes sales order, packing list, packing label and shipment.


Incoming goods are not only inspected, labelled and posted, but other services or inbound logistics are also possible. Our flexible and experienced warehouse team unload or stack your goods onto pallets, check for damage or check lists of serial numbers, batch numbers or expiration dates. Of course, each product is located in the right place, both physically and in the stock system.

Value-added services

Picking & kitting

Efficient, fast and error-free. Thanks to order picking with the Track & Trace service, shipments are prepared in a transparent and computer-controlled manner. Goods are ordered, selected and collected with absolute precision. It is also possible to assemble different products in the same packaging.


Manual or automated packaging or reconditioning? As a logistics partner, we are aware of the importance of packaging and repackaging goods as a tailor-made solution. Whatever your product, thanks to innovative solutions and flexible management, you are assured of a perfect result.


Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, the labelling of boxes, materials or goods is always fast and efficient.


Real-time control of your entire supply chain. Our main Warehouse Management System (WMS) manages the entire organization and storage. This system integrates seamlessly with your own enterprise software and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Quality control

Quality control at reception or departure. Thanks to our standard quality procedure, all errors are detected. Do you have specific quality requirements? Customised quality control is also possible.



25.000 m²  / HACCP certified / 20 loading docks / overhead crane up to 10 tons / heated warehouse


15.000 m² / 8 loading docks / heated warehouse

Sint-Niklaas site Industriepark West

30.000 m² / 12 loading docks

Sint-Niklaas site Grote Heimelinkstraat

15.000 m² / 17 loading docks