Timely deliveries, fast tracking and continuous service


Timely deliveries, fast tracking and continuous service.

Thanks to a powerful domestic offer and an extensive European network, you benefit from tailor-made solutions for each transport order.

Each delivery is carefully prepared and monitored from our various strategic offices in Belgium and France.

Optimal planning

Just in time delivery or grouped shipments

The integrated transport management system (TMS) ensures optimal planning and economical routes.

Thanks to Transics on-board computers, every load can be tracked in real time and our employees know exactly where your goods are at all times.

Our strengths

  • Fully equipped trucks (young and modern fleet)
  • Own technical service and truck wash
  • 5 strategic locations in Belgium and France
  • Optimized planning with TMS software
  • Transport in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France,…



A fleet of vehicles perfectly adapted to the needs of the metallurgical and steel industry. Semitrailers and drivers handle specific materials with care and ensure timely delivery. Whatever the size of the goods.


High quality service and transport for the paper industry. Eutraco is your experienced logistics partner for both the supply of raw materials and the transport of finished products.


Plastics, electrical appliances, glass, building materials or other waste. With adapted transport and in accordance with the strictest European standards, the collection and supply of recycling and recovery materials is a clear specialisation.


Products and goods for personal hygiene: thanks to our many years of experience, you can be sure of an efficient and punctual delivery of consumer goods (FMCG) to retailers, residential care centres or hospitals.

Various sectors

Food, packaging materials, building materials, spare parts for machinery, woodworking industry, floors, doors, greenhouses, swimming pools,…


Partial Truckload

The combination of partial loads creates an optimal balance in transport. Our computer-controlled schedules and experienced dispatchers combine shipments to create the most economical routes. PTL goes hand in hand with cross-docking: goods are immediately sorted in our trucks to save additional time.

Full loads

Fast and high quality service for complete loads. Full Truck Loads go directly to their destination while an efficient internal return logistics system reduces costs and avoids empty miles. A win-win situation for each load.


Flexible express transport. Thanks to the latest software and a fleet of modern vehicles, your parcels or pallets can reach their final destination in no time. With proper handling and international service, our drivers pick up the goods immediately with you for direct delivery.

Deliveries with forklift truck (Moffett)

Thanks to our fleet of vehicles equipped with a forklift truck, heavy goods are loaded and unloaded quickly on site. Deliveries with these forklift trucks can take long, large or heavy packages to the front door or a specific destination. Additional third party assistance is no longer required and it is always possible to deliver your package to your end customer, the consumer. If you wish to deliver a parcel to a particular customer, our staff informs you in advance of the delivery time of the parcel.